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2 min readMar 10, 2022


We received several messages from our community regarding our private sale. Some of you would like to participate with BNB’s. As our sale page in Opsya Dapp is built to work with auto claim on Avalanche network for our native token OPSY we unfortunately can’t implement the possibility to buy with BNB. A lot of fees not in our hands could be applied for each transaction which would decrease the amount of tokens bought and remove the advantage of a private sale partivipation.

However, we have an other option which could suit you :

You can send the amount in BNB (and ONLY in BNB) you want to invest to this address : 0x2f84618d2b64A27A392B1C2542D258c78fB38B9d

This is the safe Opsya treasury cold wallet, hardware protected. So no worries we have and you have an history of every transaction live on Bscscan HERE. For example “Great Investor 1” send 1 BNB now on March 10th at 1.10PM GMT to the treasury address. 1 OPSY = 0,032$ and 1 BNB = 374,38$ , the allocation at this time would be 11,699.375 OPSY. At the end of the post you will be able to see your invest and allocation like this :

  • 0x000..(hidden part of your wallet address)..0000 = 11,699.375 OPSY

At the end of the sale on 18th we will track all transactions and allocate the exact amount of tokens bought. Then we will swap BNB’s to Avalanche network paying fees by our self. Investors will be listed here (easier for you to check) as the example above, tokens will be sent to our wallet according to sale schedule via our airdrop system.

  • Investor :
  • Investor :

Be aware that this will be possible till the end of the private sale on march 18th, we could not accept any more participations after this date ! As usual for any question don’t hesitate to clarify with us in our telegram channel : .

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Have a good day ;)