Opsya Pre-Launch status

Opsya Insurance
3 min readJan 25, 2022


Dear Community, our launch date is approaching and we would like to make a review of what is currently available and what will be added/updated/improved in the next few weeks.

Our ecosystem development is in progress and due market situation this month we postponed our launch. Since the beginning, we never stopped our work and our development to provide the next day of our launch several live features for our valued users and supporters.

What is live now ?

Our website -> https://www.opsya.org
You can find here an overview of our organization, our structure and our concept, tokenomic.
Our Documentation -> https://docs.opsya.org
Our documentation is updated in parallel of our development, a lot of informations will be added and updated in the next few weeks.

Our Dapp -> https://app.opsya.finance
We decided to release a live V1.0 of our Dapp to show you what you can expect in the future and a place to use and earn more native tokens.

Dashboard : Our network
1. Number of OPSY holders
2. Actual market cap
3. Actual $OPSY price
4. Total rewards provided with reflections
5. Your actual OPSY balance
6. Your pending AVAX rewards
7. Total amount of AVAX received as an OPSY holder

Farming pools : Earn more OPSY
1. Stake OPSY and earn OPSY tokens.
2. Provide liquidity and stake OPSY-AVAX LP to earn OPSY tokens.
More pools will be added this year, for now we prefer to keep only two in order to not split two much liquidity.

Vote : An introduction to governance
1. Charity Organization 1 vote
2. Charity Organization 2 vote
3. Click to access to our charity program and discover organizations
4. Donate a custom amount of OPSY tokens.
5. Progress bar to see the actual trend with previous community votes.
6. Governance vote related to insurance claim. (Not yet available)

Insurance : This function is not yet available.

Trade Tokens : Link to traderJoe to buy OPSY tokens.

Airdrop : This function will be available soon.

Part of our trasury building will be based on our DAO benefits.
OGLD, our reward token will be associated with the DAO features and it’s still in development. Release should be soon.

Charity program -> https://charity.opsya.finance
Live platform where you can follow the progress of our charity program.
How it works ?
Each year is divided in two cycles. Each cycle a vote is conducted on the Dapp vote page, if you hold at least 1 OPSY you are allowed to vote between two charity organizations.
At the end of the cycle (one week before) we make an announcement and close the vote. During the last week, we swap all funds gathered in charity tokens into stable coins and make a donation to the
chosen charity organization.
After that step a new vote is created to start a new six month cycle.
How we chose these organizations ?
- Feel free to suggest to the team any local or international organization for review.
- We aim to select carefully some well established organizations.
- Some polls can be done over the year in our social networks inthe community to select new organizations.