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3 min readMar 17, 2022


Dear Opsya community ,

As you may notice our telegram group was quiet since last week, our whole team has been a bit overwhelmed with all that’s been going on with Opsya. Development, marketing, security, looking for post launch new talents, we are focus on every aspects.
Here are the details for our plan.

1. Sale planning
As you can see on sale schedule we have an IDO expected between the private sale and the last IDO before launch. Unfortunately we were in talks with two launchpad platforms and they asked again for a delay due to the amount of projects ready to launch, flat market condition, ect... They both proposed a date between April 5th and April 20th which would cause again a delay of our TGE. We decided to maintain our plan and we confirm our launch before April 1st.
To maintain that dead line, we modified a little bit ths schedule till the end of the month.
We let the private sale open till March 24th, same price, same amount of tokens inside the sale pool.
We will conduct the final IDO before TGE from sunday 27th to wednesday 30th.
Documentation will be updated accordingly asap.

2.Buy OPSY tokens
You can get some OPSY tokens with Avax. Go to our Dapp https://app.opsya.finance , clic “get USDT.e”. On traderjoe swap Avax to USDT.e then come back to Dapp and chose the amount you want to buy.

If you prefer to buy OPSY tokens with BNB please refer to our previous Medium post and follow the simple process.
Price till March 24th : 1 OPSY = 0,032 $ .

Unsold tokens will be sent to the staking reward pool.

Talks started and are in progress with several organizations, some big partnerships are in progress and a small one is concluded. Theme is security, we will announce this between the private sale and the last IDO.
Exciting things are coming soon !

4.Exclusive gifts
Don’t forget, a special gift will be attributed for those who participated before March 18th !
We can’t tell you what is it but for sure you will not be disapointed ;)

5.Airdrop and privatesale rewards
1 AVAX and whitelist spots for OGLD will be distributed after launch.
Airdrop distribution will take place as described in Airdrop rules, no changes.

6.What’s next ?
We are currently conducting a second Audit for OPSY token by a major company, following what we annouced at the beginning of Opsya development. Two audits by token, one before deployment, one after deployment, same process will be applied for the whole ecosystem . That one is expected by a week or so.
We recently open a discord channel, we will publish a special announcement to provide full details and plans.
Our company creation is still in progress, we will let you know when things will move, many things has to be taken in to account, administration, legal opinion, this is in a good way to respect the roadmap dead line!
Be aware that the actual Dapp is only a technical demo with a small part of the ecosystem features !
OGLD is still in development, and we work hard to release the testnet version of our Dapp V2.
We can’t wait to show you the project potential.

Users should look forward to an exciting future with Opsya. Token holders can expect improvements such as early access deals and other exclusive gifts. Our early supporters will have a big advantage so don’t miss your chance and grab some OPSY today !

As usual, for any question contact us on telegram ;)
Have a great day !

Web : https://www.opsya.org

Dapp : https://app.opsya.finance

Documentation : https://docs.opsya.org

Telegram : https://t.me/OpsyaCommunity

Twitter : https://twitter.com/OpsyaIns