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6 min readApr 9, 2022


Opsya market overview

We launched OPSY token first pillar of our ecosystem one week ago. We are glad to see that we reached hard cap with our last IDO thanks to our early supporters and big holders. The thing is now we don’t have enough holders to maintain a daily transaction volume. As our token is linked to the Avax price we can see the price decreasing and increasing without any transaction.

Why we should not worry about it ? Very simple. Firstable OPSY token is an utility token, it will be used to suscribe to insurance plans so as soon as insurance will be live, people will have to own some. Then, price impact is very high, it means that only few new buying orders could bring the token price to a new ATH. Currently only 15.28 AVAX could make this happen, so don’t hesitate, bring your friends, even 0,5 or 1 Avax is worth it. We will bring our private investors asap as we need to grow but we prefer them to join with more than what the max price impact allow us. The current situation of OPSY is fine, it’s a gem and it will have a real utility in the near future, people will must own some to buy insurance plans.

Team and news

We have a new front end developer in our team working on the Dapp V2 (we will update team section in our documentation soon), it’s a lot of work and it will take may be an other one or two months.
We are still looking for new talents and are currently checking several application for local back end developers.
Regarding the company creation, it takes time, we are now thinking about two options, as we are based in Dubai we are considering to register first the company in an other country then have more time to concretize the on shore set up.
Last point, we may need an advisor to help us introduce our company and ecosystem to other blockchain projects, as usually they ask for tokens we will for sure ask the community prior taking any action. It could be a financial agreement or a token allocation, we will see.


Still in development, we are waiting for all validation tests before to reveal all OGLD features.
One of our main goal with this token is its pegged value 1.1 with a minimum floor price. It means that as soon as you have one OGLD in your portfolio, its value will never decrease below its backed value.
The launch was expected next month but it’s linked with the company creation. We would like to take our time and submit OGLD for a Dex launch, IEO, IDO, it depends. It cost a lot of money (from 10 to 30K) and the minimum requirement is to have a registered company, so we have to comply with that point first.
Next update should be next newsletter with all OGLD features.

Dapp v2

Our actual Dapp is working, we experienced some few glitches at launch but nothing related to our front end, in two days we edited our smart contracts and improved them adding some new features. Now it’s fixed, and it gives a first overview of OPSY staking. You have to understand that the new Dapp will be representative to our vision, it has to offer all Opsya features in one platform, that is why we are taking time to build it. Be ready to switch from a technical demo to an extended professional decentralized application !
Regarding the development progress :
Design / UI / UX 90% done.
Here you can see the new dashboard progress (not the final version)

Once released, OPSY, OGLD, and one insurance feature will be implemented.

We expect to remove our website Opsya.org and swap it by a landing page which bring people to the Dapp where they will find all usefull informations.
As every aspect of our ecosystem will be centralized inside the Dapp we expect to keep only our documentation docs.opsya.org (which will receive a major update soon ) as external domain.
We hope to provide a test version to familiarize yourself with the new interface before release.
Then we will decide what will be the next for mobile version, small app, native app, other..

Marketing and publication

Since one month we spent few thousands in ads. With banner ads we got hundreds clics, thousands views and visits but this strategy is not enough, as you can see from a standard daily report :

We increased our visibility as well on social networks in many crypto groups.
We have a project with a product and before we have that product, it will be difficult to make people understand benefits of the long term investment strategy.
Having this end product would open doors for AMA invitations.

We expect a big contest which could run till this summer, we will let you know in the upcoming weeks.

A new video, kind of explainer video will be released in English in about 4 to 5 days maximum. (French and arabic expected as well). It will help us and even you to share the project and give a basic overview of what is Opsya, and how it works.
Here are some storyboard screenshots :

OPSY is listed in Coinmarketcap but untracked. All could be fast, we need to reach 1000$ daily volume for few days then all will follow, CMC, coingecko, snow trace, dextool trend and of course more and more holders. It’s complicated as we don’t want to fake this data.

Regarding press release program one article is in preparation to be published on Marketwatch, yahoo finance and hundreds of website.

Focus on one Opsya feature

This week : Lauchpad insurance.

One of the first Opsya insurance feature will be the launchpad insurance.
Any OPSY owner will be able to insure his next launchpad allocation on selected projects. No more rug pull no more soft rug, no more fear. We can’t promise the success of project, it could be great or bad and to determine that the best is DYOR. But we can insure you if something wrong happens, like any malicious attempt form project devs or owners.
This will be the first insurance system of OPSYA and this is the one we will submit to launchpads. We can work as independent but our market would be huge if launchpads would implement our coverage in the same way as KYC or Audit for their community. We are preparing something solid and will make as many test as it’s needed.

As usual we appreciate your feedbacks and suggestions, we will follow our plans and do our best to reach our goal this year ! Thank you for your support.

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