OPSYA Airdrop Round 2

We are glad to announce that we start on feb 23rd at 11.30 am UTC time our Airdrop round 2.

Here are the rules :

Reward : USD 1500 in OPSY will be distributed !

USD 1000 in OPSY Tokens for top ten referrals.
1 — 300
2 — 200
3 — 150
4 — 100
5 — 75
6 — 75
7 — 25
8 — 25
9 — 25
10 — 25
USD 500 in OPSY tokens to a random user.

How to participate ?
- Join the bot Here or follow this link : https://t.me/AirdropContestOpsya_bot
- Follow simple tasks (Follow Twitter /Like an RT airdrop post/Join OPSYA Telegram group and channel)
- Enter your Avalanche wallet address
— — — From here you are eligible to the random user reward — — —
- Get your referral link
- Share it to your friends
— — — Top 10 will be rewarded — — —

Distribution :
We will start after the first Airdrop round.
During the first week after OPSY public listing team will make all checks and airdrop tokens for round 1.
Once round 1 distribution will be finished, checks and distribution will start round 2.
You will be able to claim then through our Dapp-> Airdrop section

To be eligible, you have to comply with rules, any atempt or try in order to operate or cheat the bot system checker will disqualify you instant. We receive logs every hour and have some protections against malicious behavior. Our team will be able to check every joiner one by one to maintain a fair competition between users. You can participate in this round even if you joined round 1 earlier. You need to have at least 5 points which you can check on your bot dashboard to be eligible for the Top 10 referrals reward

Good luck ! ;)



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