OPSY Listing will be live today !

Opsya Insurance
1 min readApr 1, 2022


Hello everyone , we are happy to say that today is the start of OPSYA, finally !

Our presale yesterday reached Hard Cap in 4 hours that’s amazing ! we will finalize the sale for a listing on Traverjoe between 4pm and 5pm UTC Time.

Please check contract address everytime before trading buy/sell and be aware that there is many scams around !

We are currently rushing to activate our farming pool and provide you that feature from the minute 1 ! ( Acomplete post with farming pools details will be released soon)

As soon as we will be listed on Dex anyone will be able to trade OPSY, we follow our development so we will grow day by day. Keep in mind that we are not a meme coin which will pump for two days then crash, we are here to stay, any OPSY you own will be valuable for long term. Our next big step is OGLD then Dapp V2, we will show you some nice updates as soon as possible.

Enjoy guys,

You are amazing ! Thank you all for your great support !