Last IDO then launch ! Opsya is ready

Opsya Insurance
3 min readMar 26, 2022


Hello everyone, last step before our launch. We organize a small IDO on DXsale then token will be tradable on traderjoe.

For those who have been following the project for five months, you will have no difficulty understanding our strategy. For newcomers, see this step, this IDO as a first entry step in to OPSYA project, we are here to stay. We still have about six to eight months of development to be able to deliver our final protocol. We are serious and do everything we can to build a solid project, step by step with solid foundations. Our project is oriented exclusively for the community given that it must be directed by the community at the end of its development. This is why we have refused any external venture capital type investment. We invested everything by ourself and we don’t count our time !

IDO on DX Sale :

We sell 404 800 OPSY tokens. From the gathered amount amount, 95% will go to the liquidity pool. Liquidity is locked till 2025. Everyone can participate from 0.1 AVAX to 15 AVAX.

Soft cap 88 AVAX / Hard cap 176 AVAX

Start March 27th 7pm UTC — End March 31st 7pm UTC

Audit :

Token audited Before and after deployment by SOKEN and CYBERSCOPE.

KYC and company :

Done by Nanuqe. Our company creation is in progress and will be done before our roadmap deadline. Administrative tasks are quite longer at the moment due to special event inside the country.

Liquidity :

95% of the IDO gathered amount will go to liquidity. We will add then gradually some liquidity. Second pair with stable coin will be added when we will be listed on a CEX. It will be announced soon ;) (top 50 CEX)

Listing and trading :

We are listed on Coinmarketcap so from now you can add OPSY to your watchlist : Coingecko listing is coming soon. OPSY token will be tradable initially on traderjoe then pangolin. Then CEX

Opsya Development :

Since we started our development we never stopped and try to keep our targets, following the Opsya roadmap. We take our time and pay attention to details, all features are thought and adapted according to the future ecosystem and our global project vision.

The Dapp :

Currently we have a Dapp live at with few features available, you can see it as a technical demo.

We are building our dapp version 2 (full version) in parallel. Our entire ecosystem will be based on the use of this Dapp and its autonomous part.

Current status: 70% progress for the design and animations and 25% for the backend/smart contracts part. It is progressing day by day.

OGLD Token :

Some people may think that a second token could be useless or will simply add complexity for nothing. Well no, it’s worth it, OGLD will be our reward token and will come with new features, most of which will be related to OPSY. Lots of new things still being studied or in progress could definitely give to Opsya its definition of game changer. The implementation of a Visa Opsya debit card is being negotiated with a leading company in the market. Current status: 90% of development in test net.
We will publish a complete article dedicated to OGLD token very soon, and will be associated with a video explainer.

The Insurance :

Our calculator is ready, the calculation functions and all the variables are validated. The last stage and the one that will be the longest… the development stage, integration into the global ecosystem, followed by rigorous testing. We are ahead of schedule at the moment. We will keep you informed of future progress and it’s implementation on the Dapp V2.

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