How to get some Avax for Binance users

Opsya Insurance
2 min readJan 4, 2022

As requested by community please find below a short tutorial to see how you can get AVAX easily.

AVAX will be useful to buy tokens, and set up Avalanche network to your wallet will be useful to collect your rewards.

Avalanche network set up :

  1. Visit
  2. Write Avalanche on search area as you can see below.

3. Connect your wallet then click “add to metamask”, it works with any wallet.

4. Done ; You can now switch between Bsc, eth, avalanche network or any other network added to your wallet.

Buy AVAX or Swap to AVAX on Binance :

  1. Connect to your binance account.
  2. Go to buy crypto or market then select Avax same as you usualy do for any cryptocurrency.
  3. If you have BNB or other and want to swap to AVAX, go to market and select BNB (same as if you want to buy)

4. Then click “Convert”

5. Select the crypto you want to convert in to AVAX then click “preview conversion” -> Verify and accept.

6. Great you have some AVAX, now you need to transfer to your metamask wallet.

7. To transfer AVAX to your metamask it’s the same procedure as for BNB transfer. The only change is for the network, crosscheck that it’s avalanche network when you send from an address to an other.

If you have any problem or if you still need help don’t hesitate and ask us in our telegram group, we will be glad to help you !