How to convert USDT to USDT.e on Avalanche ?

As you know our whole ecosystem is based on Avalanche network and in order to participate to the exclusive sale you will have to get some USDT.e to buy your OPSY tokens at the best price.

  1. Go to the Avalanche Bridge user interface
  2. Go here or follow this link to and connect to the Avalanche Bridge using your MetaMask wallet for example.

3. Select USDT to Convert

4. Click “Upgrade tokens” button on the top and select USDT which will send you this page As the maximum amount is pre-entered, check your wallet if it matches up with the USDT assets displayed on the page or enter a USDT value that you will convert

5. Click “Upgrade” Button

6. Click “Upgrade” button at the bottom which will send you a status page

7. Approve Avalanche to Upgrade Your Assets

8. You will be redirected to a MetaMask page and asked for approval to allow Avalanche to upgrade your USDT. Click on the “Confirm” button which will send you back the status page. Here you can look at the transaction fee and other transactions details

8. Approve to Convert the Tokens

9. While status page is on “Waiting for confirmation” you will be redirected to a new MetaMask page and asked for approval to convert the token. Click on the “Confirm” button. Here you can look at the gas fee and the total amount.

10. Click “Add Token” button

11. You will get one final MetaMask page which will ask you to approval to add the USDT.e. Click “Add Token” button.

You have now successfully converted your deprecated USDT to USDT.e on Avalanche!

You can check your MetaMask wallet under “Assets” tab to see your newly swapped USDT.e asset.

Full article here.



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