Here it is !

Opsya Insurance
1 min readMar 21, 2022


Opsya is now a sale affiliate partner of Ledger company ! You will discover the implementation and why we start talks with Ledger when we will release the internal roadmap of Dapp V2.

We decided to offer to each early exclusive sale participant the opportunity to order a Ledger Nano S and get it for free !

If you participated before March 18th 2022, congratulations ! We will provide the form and all details to grab your gift as soon as possible. No minimum was required as we announced several times so even if you invested 1 USDT.e , good news you are eligible !

If you are not sure of the date you invested, no worries snowtrace keeps the history of all smart contract transactions.

For your information, private sale is still open at , so for those who missed that first opportunity… who knows when will be the next one ;)